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  • IBE Awards Colombo 2016
    Internation Business Excellence Award Colombo 2016. Srilanka Minister Gamini Jayavikrama Perera, Cabinet Minister for Sustainable and Wildlife presenting award on 23rd December at Colombo
  • Ayurveda Brand Of The Year 2016
    Punarnava Ayurveda awarded the Ayurveda Brand Of The Year 2016 at UK India Healthcare summit held at the British parliament
  • Rose Of Paraselsus Award
    Dr. Anvar receiving Rose Of Paraselsus Award for best ayurveda practices in Europe Business Assembly held in Switzerland from Mr.John Nettings,Secratory General, EBA in association with Europe Medical Association
Patient Stories
Patient Testimonials
  • "Physically i was very fit, I used to workout in the gym everyday, used to run 10 km on the beach every morning, used to practice yoga regularly. Unfortunately, I got sick in December 2003. I still remember the date when I felt sick - 10th December 2003 on Wednesday. I felt numbness and a feeling of being pricked by needles in my foot.

    I called my brother Dr. Kajee and he took me to hospital. I was paralysed downwards from the waist. Neurologists conducted tests. Physicians couldn't understand the problem. They asked "How is it possible? He is fit and healthy." The team of doctors thought that it could be tumour in brain or cancer. On Monday they took a lumbar puncture to take the cerebrospinal fluid. After 96 hours doctors diagnosed transverse myelitis. I was given strong steroids, antibiotics, which had major side effects. I was retained at the hospital till August and was discharged in a wheelchair. In December 2004 I was taken to Cape Town for a holiday with my family, I returned back to Durban on 10th January 2005. I was completely paralysed from neck to bottom. I was taken to ICU immediately. I stayed there for 31 days. I was put on strong steroids again. It was found that I had a recurrent form of transverse myelitis.There seemed to be no cure for this ailment. I had approached John Hopkins Centre in the USA, who got back to me saying that they had no cure for my condition. They had already lost two patients to this illness.

    My brother was qualified from Pakistan. He had consulted many professors. A few weeks later Ministry of Healthcare in New Delhi informed him about excellent results in spine-related problems treatment in Punarnava Ayurveda Hospital in Kochi, Kerala.

    First time I came to Punarnava Ayurveda Hospital in 2006. After examination Dr. Anvar told me that he had never treated a recurrent form of transverse myelitis. However, Dr. Anvar and his team started the treatment. After 1 month of staying in Punarnava Ayurveda Hospital i felt much better, back pain relieved. I was given medicine for 6 months. On my second course of treatment, I could feel sensations in my legs. Progress started slowly, recovery started, walked little-little. Finally, In 2008-2009 I was able to move without a wheelchair. Since then progress was much faster. I came to Punarnava Ayurveda Hospital twice a year during 10 years after my first visit and last years I come here once in a year.

    It's a huge journey for me to remember. My credo is "Respect yourself, your body, your life". If I didn't have a faith in God, it couldn't bring me to perfect.

    So, today I visit gym 7 days in a week, I spent 4 hours there. I do yoga, aqua yoga twice a week, pilates, cardio, swimming. There is a problem with blood control, my blood works only on 70%. However, transplantation in my age has got high risk.

    Dr. Anvar and Dr. Jaseela are my brother and sister. I thank Punarnava Ayurveda Hospital for given me new lease of life."
    Ahmed Kajee, Durban,
    South Africa (62 years)
  • Mrs. Bijly Rajkumar (Sanveer's mother) shares her experience, wisdom and her future plans. She says, "There are three areas we still work on and continue to explore: speech, eyesight and walking. Sanveer doesn't speak and we don't know how much he can see. We want him to walk and run as he used to do before this accident. We don't treat Sanveer as a patient at home. We ask him questions and talk to him as he is not sick: "How are you? What are you doing?" I do not put him in a wheelchair in daily life, only on holidays. We went to several family trips abroad and he had 20h flight in economy class. We do not want him to feel that he is sick. Otherwise he will die of depression. We do (family, doctors, nurses) 10%, Sanveer does 90%. I believe that God exists and I pray to God. He gives us two things: birth and death. And only we make choices in our life. I believe that it is not God's problem, it' is mine, I must fix it. If I don't try my son is not going to be better. Try and fail but do not fail to try. When I close my eyes I see a positive picture: Sanveer comes to me and ask me "How are you?" I still run my business, I don't know how I manage but I get up every morning and do my job, my clients don't know my problems. I don't live in past. These are only memories. I always think what else I can do for making him walk, talk, see. I thank Punarnava Ayurveda team for the best result my son got which I could never have imagined."
    Sanveer Rajkumar, Johannesburg
    South Africa (30 years)
  • "I've been suffering from Lumbar spondylosis since 19 years old. I used to have a severe pain in my spine and legs. At that time I was recommended to do a surgery. However, the operation could be accompanied by high risk and results were not guaranteed. I consulted several doctors and asked for second opinion. Fortunately, I came to know about curative power of Ayurveda and Punarnava Ayurveda Hospital. I underwent the first course of treatment in Punarnava Ayurveda Hospital 8 years ago. In the end I felt much better, pain relieved. I came back to my normal life. I continued to follow the doctors' advice, did exercises, strengthened muscles. I had an injury 3 years back. I overstrained the ligaments of my right knee. I've came to decision to undergo ayurvedic treatment again. This time I had a special treatment for my knee as well. Punarnava Ayurveda Hospital provide decent service. I have got very good results. All staff is very helpful. The team of therapists does pretty good job. I thank them a lot."
    Joseph Denny Pindis,
  • Ayjren (Mother): "We've just completed the second course of treatment at Punarnava Ayurveda Hospital. (The first course of treatment my daughter underwent here 6 months ago.) A very good result was achieved. Mehremsultan can sit without support and walk out of the bed herself and makes small steps in orthopaedic boots in my presence. She shows some gestures: when she likes something - she lifts her thumb up, when she means "little of something" - she shows the distance between her index finger and her thumb.

    Physiotherapists do their job very well. I'd like to specially point the physiotherapist Akhil who does his job perfectly. Dr. Anvar is not only professional but also very diplomatic. I've noticed that he not only takes care of the treatment side, but also makes sure that his patients enjoy a comfortable stay at Punarnava. Last time Dr. Anvar promised us to hire an interpreter and he has done this. We say special thanks for this. We are very happy. Irina is not just an interpreter she is also a great humanitarian. She is a very kind-hearted person who made us feel warm and homely at Punarnava Ayurveda Hospital. We'd like to thank a waiter Montu Kumar who could understand what we needed very well despite a language barrier.

    Dr. Anvar and his team strive to excel in everything they do. Personally, it's very important for me. We hope the next time Mehremsultan will come here on her own feet. We are going to continue giving internal ayurvedic medicines and external applications during the next 6 months along with physiotherapy."

    Ogulgerek (Grandmother): "When we came to Punarnava Ayurveda Hospital we had a warm welcome. I would like to extend special thanks to Dr. Anvar for making my granddaughter to stand on her feet. She has started to stand on her feet a little bit. We are very happy to see this. We thank Dr. Anvar for everything he has done for us. I remember how Dr. Anvar welcomed us with his warm smile. He won our heart with his humane qualities. He has a gift of God. We wish him and his family members God's grace, longevity, and a happy life. We wish him success in his businesses . We wish him to be well-known around the world and his name to be on everyone's lips. We thank him a lot."
    Orazova Mehremsultan,