About Us

Holistic Wellness - Personalised

Sukhayus is a premium wellness brand powered by Punarnava Ayurveda, an NABH accredited Ayurveda Centre, for a traveller seeking an elite wellness experience in a befitting atmosphere. Sukhayus centres have an ideal mixture of traditional hospitality and authentic Ayurveda. All programs at Sukhayus are tailored to suit an individual’s unique body constitution. The treatments offered here are designed with a scientific approach while drawing inspiration from nature. A specific assessment is made on the individual’s physical, physiological, mental and aesthetic conditions before treatment is prescribed by our expert panel of physicians.

Sukhayus units ensure the best hospitality practices to the guests to make their holiday a memorable experience. Beyond the Industry Standard Operational Practices, we implement a generous approach to consider each traveller’s priority by providing intimate regard to their needs and necessities right from the initial contact with us.

Punarnava Ayurveda Hospital is an internationally acclaimed Ayurveda Hospital which has made consistent efforts towards being the new global face of Ayurveda since 1994. Their global repute is centred around their unique medical process, which ensures that all their comprehensive Ayurveda treatments are target-specific, while also encouraging total wellness for the preservation of disease-free living.

Our Philosophy

An effective journey of wellness includes more than a prescription to avail medication. It is an immersive yatra that is influenced by one's environment, diet, activity, and psychological and spiritual state. Sukhayus promises its clientele this complete healing experience - a chance to take charge of one's prana. We provide them with the most serene surroundings filled with the unadulterated goodness of nature. An enriching cultural experience founded on traditional hospitality and local cuisine made with fresh organic produce, the path to wellness is accentuated with guided yoga asana, therapeutic counselling, and curative treatments.

By designing wellness packages like these, which cater to individual differences and preferences as well, we push our patrons towards a more powerful approach to good health.